List of Articles for Biomedica : Volume 36 issue 1 Year 2020

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1UHS Response to COVID-19 Saima Chaudhry
2Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in Pakistan Mulazim Hussain Bukhari
3A Nuclear Magnetic Insight Towards the Cytostatic Potential of Medicinal Plant Extracts: Reply to Al-Whibi, et al. Biomedica, 2019; 35 (4): 203 209. Alexander A Bukhvostov, Kirill V Ermakov, Dmitry A Kuznetsov
4Cost of Fighting Against Hepatitis B &C in Pakistan to Rise above $3 Billion by 2030 Mehwish Khan
5Viable Caesarean Scar Pregnancy: A Case Report Saima Najam, Sumaiyya Ejaz Malik, Shehla Aqeel, Nida Rizwan and Ali Raza Haider
6Herbal Medicines: An Adjunct to Current Treatment Modalities for Periodontal Diseases Ghazala Hassan, Sarah Ghafoor
7Effect of Carbonated Drinks on Uterine Development An Experimental Study Gong Zhuandi, Wei Suocheng, Wei Limin, Liang Haoqin, Lai Luju
8Effect of Garcinia Cambogia Containing Commercially Available Weight Reducing Agents on Morphology of Hepatocytes An Experimental Study Ponum Mirani, Gulafshan, Agha Nadeem Ahmad, Jazib Andleeb Faiza Mehboob and Naveed Akhter
9Spectrum of Breast Lesions on Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in Punjab Khalida Ahtesham, Bushra Nisar, Tahira Tabassum, Ambereen Anwar Imran
10Tuberculous Mastitis in Females of South Punjab: A Clinicopathological Analysis of Ten Years from Pakistan Afra Samad, Aqsa Ashraf Bukhari, Safia Sartaj, Nudrat Fayyaz, Naseem Akhter Namra Naeem, Muhammad Ejaz Alam, Muhammad Imran Arshad
11Comparison of Haemonetics MCS Plus and Baxter CS 3000 for Platelet apheresis- Experience at a Tertiary Care Hospital Asma Saadia, Tahir Naeem, Saad Jamal-ud-Din Alvi, Majid Ali, Toqeer Ali Butt
12Utility of Cell Block in Diagnosis of Serous Effusions in Comparison with Conventional Cytological Smears Nosheen Khurram, Imran Yousaf and Noshin Wasim Yusuf
13Determination of Knowledge of Caregivers about Dietary Practices of Autistic Children Maryam Yaseen, Bahisht Rizwan, Iqra Gulzar, Ramsha Khalid Sheza Tanveer, Zoya Abid and Sana Farooq
14Validation of Urdu Translation of DREEM Inventory in a Medical College of Lahore Meher-un-Nisa, Junaid Sarfraz Khan