List of Articles for Biomedica : Volume 36 COVID-19 Special Issue - S2 Year 2020

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1EDITORIALPakistan's Role in COVID-19 Pandemic Javeed Akram
2EDITORIALCoronavirus - Facts and Myths Abdul Majeed Chaudhry
3EDITORIALHealthcare and Medical Education in Post COVID-19 Pandemic Era Shaukat Ali Jawaid
4EDITORIALSaving Lives and Saving Livelihood; Reflections on Discovering the New Normal Aftab Mohsin
5EDITORIALRecent Updates and Evidence on COVID-19: A Public Health Emergency Saira Afzal
6EDITORIALMedical and Cultural Ethics for Deceased with COVID-19 For Preforming the Postmortem or Religious Rituals And Burial In Any Graveyard. Shahzadi Zain
7VIEWPOINTPreparing For Post COVID – 19 Stage Asad Zaheer
8VIEWPOINTImpact of COVID-19 On Medical Universities - The Financial Aspect Baquee bin Hanif
9VIEWPOINTDealing With A Pandemic of Misinformation Muhammad Atif
10VIEWPOINTLecture Banking; Quality Learning Transfusions for Health Sciences Students Post COVID-19 Saima Chaudhry
11VIEWPOINTIvermectin: An Anti-Parasitic Drug That Has Potential for Repurposing For COVID-19 Maryam Rashid
12VIEWPOINTCOVID-19 In Pakistan Ghazala Rubi
13VIEWPOINTDental Practices During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Guide for Dental Health Professionals Nauman Rauf Khan
14VIEWPOINTNew Bully" In Town or More Opportunities- The Rise in Domestic Violence Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak Mir Ibrahim Sajid
15VIEWPOINTStress Could Be A Major Contributing Factor in The Pathogenesis & Prognosis of COVID-19 In the Medical Team Professionals Shimaa Mohammad Yousof
16VIEWPOINTCOVID-19: Utmost Need to Protect Frontline Healthcare Workers in Pakistan Zohaib Ashraf
17VIEWPOINTSerological (Antibody-Based) Tests for COVID-19 - A Pathologist’s Perspective Muhammad Usman Shams
18VIEWPOINTA Healer's Uncertain State of Mind in COVID-19 Pandemic Zeenaf Aslam
19LETTER TO EDITORCOVID-19 Outbreak: Spread, Symptoms, Treatment and Research Muhammad Shahzad
20LETTER TO EDITORSurveillance of Sars-Cov-2 And Rt-PCR-Based Assay Design Kuznetsova Nadezhda
21LETTER TO EDITOROver-The-Counter Use of Ibuprofen and COVID-19 – A Controversy Resolved? Waqar Hayat
22LETTER TO EDITORPandemic COVID-19 And Development of Pneumonia Qurat-ul-Ain Javaid
23LETTER TO EDITORCOVID-19 And Zoonosis Qurat-ul-Ain Mujahid
24LETTER TO EDITORHerd Immunity for COVID-19: Is It Going to Work? Sobia Khalid
25LETTER TO EDITORPandemic COVID-19 And Development of Pneumonia Sumera Nighat
26LETTER TO EDITORCOVID-19 Pandemic: Novel Coronavirus and Diabetes Nousheen Zia
27COMMENTARYOpportunities and Development of Telemedicine in Response to COVID-19: Experience from Public Sector Medical University Khola Noreen
28COMMENTARYOnline Training Course on COVID-19 Nasir Shah
29COMMENTARYTeledentistry And COVID-19; Today And Tomorrow Muhammad Imran Khan Niazi
30COMMENTARYLung & Gynecological Cancers: Has COVID-19 Impacted Patients? Muhammad Talha Waheed
31COMMENTARYFifty Days of COVID-19 Pandemic in Pakistan: Unrivalled Adaptations in Obstetric Clinical Practices Fazeela Shahzad
32COMMENTARYInterpretation of Diagnostic Tests for COVID-19 (Sars-Cov-2) Sadaf Shafique
33COMMENTARYRole of Saliva as A Viable Biosample for COVID-19 Detection Rabia Anjum
34COMMENTARYGiving Birth at Times of COVID-19 Sheza Hassan
35COMMENTARYHandling COVID-19patient or COVID-19 Sample: What’s More Stressful? Hira Kareem
36CLINICAL PHOTOGRAPHCOVID Leg - Exacerbation of Eczema in a 43 Years Old Male Shahab-ud-Din Nawaz Khosa
37CLINICAL PHOTOGRAPHCOVID-19 Lung Pathology – Autopsy Findings Moeza Ali
38CASE REPORTCoronavirus in a 13 Months Old Child – Report of a Successful Conservative Management StrategyMuhammad Saqib
39REVIEW ARTICLERt-PCR for COVID-19: Diagnosis Made EasyOsheen Sajjad
40REVIEW ARTICLENovel Coronavirus (2019-Ncov) OutbreakSaba Manzoor
41REVIEW ARTICLEImmunological Basis of COVID-19Shah Jahan
42REVIEW ARTICLECOVID-19: Evolving from Myths and Trials to a Potentially Treatable DiseaseAfshan Mehvish Naz
43REVIEW ARTICLEWhy Severity Rate ofCOVID-19 Is High in Patients with Diabetic Mellitus: A Brief InsightRomah Ishfaq
44REVIEW ARTICLEComparison of Behavioral Variations of COVID-19 In Pakistan And Its Neighbouring CountriesMoniba Rafique
45REVIEW ARTICLECOVID-19: Current Situation and Challenges Facing Pakistan on LockdownMiss Saima Kouser
46REVIEW ARTICLEImpact of COVID-19 on Pregnancy and Childbirth: A Systematic Literature Review of Recent EvidenceMir Ibrahim Sajid
47REVIEW ARTICLEBetter Diagnostic Modality for COVID-19 – CT Chest or Rt – PCR? – A Systematic ReviewSeemi Tanvir
48REVIEW ARTICLEHost Genetic and Epigenetic Factors in Determining Clinical Outcome of Coronavirus Disease-2019Tanveer Khalid
49REVIEW ARTICLEUnderstanding COVID-19 Through the Dental LensSarah Ghafoor
50REVIEW ARTICLEBat Borne DiseasesMuhammad Imran
51REVIEW ARTICLEThe Sars-Cov-2 Pandemic and The Role of Honey and Its Products as An Emerging Therapeutic RegimeFatima Tuz Zahra
52REVIEW ARTICLEGlobal Pandemic of COVID-19 and PregnancyShaherzad Sohail
53REVIEW ARTICLEPrognostic and Predictive Role of Selected Biochemical Markers in COVID-19Farhat Bano
54ORIGINAL ARTICLEPsychological Impact of COVID – 19 Pandemic On Health Care Workers Zaina Jabeen
55ORIGINAL ARTICLEFetomaternal Outcome in Women with COVID 19 In A COVID Designated Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan Shamila Ijaz Munir
56ORIGINAL ARTICLEEfficacy of Telemedicine to Manage Heart Failure Patients During COVID-19 Pandemic Related LockdownJaved Ashraf
57ORIGINAL ARTICLEMisinformation About COVID-19 And Dentistry on The Internet.Zainab Hayyat Raja
58ORIGINAL ARTICLEDepression and Anxiety in Healthcare Workers During COVID 19..Muntazir Mehdi
59ORIGINAL ARTICLEHow COVID-19 Is Changing Behaviors and Actions of Pakistani Population?Ahmad Sadiq
60ORIGINAL ARTICLEAnalysis of COVID-19 Mortality in Allied Hospitals of Rawalpindi Medical University PakistanShazia Zeb
61ORIGINAL ARTICLEHow COVID-19 Is Affecting ApprenticesShamaila Hassnain
62ORIGINAL ARTICLEAssessment of Anxiety Among Healthcare Professionals Working on Frontline Against Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19)Soufia Farrukh
63ORIGINAL ARTICLEKnowledge and Practices of Dentists Regarding Personal Protective Equipment During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Study Among Pakistani DentistsSaood Khan Lodhi
64ORIGINAL ARTICLEKnowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) Regarding the Home Preventive Measures Against COVID -19 Infection at The Outset of Outbreak in Pakistan Amongst Smart Phone UsersHina Ahmed
65GUIDELINES & PROTOCOLSGuidelines for Providing Dental Care Services During COVID-19 An Excerpt from Guidelines of Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination, Pakistan Syed Shafiq Ur Rehman
66GUIDELINES & PROTOCOLSNephrologist’s Opinion Regarding COVID-19 Pandemic Raheel Perveez
67GUIDELINES & PROTOCOLSGuidelines for The Treatment of Severe and Critical Cases of COVID-19 Mahvish Hussain
68GUIDELINES & PROTOCOLSPrevention of COVID-19 In Endoscopy SuiteMuhammad Jahangir Mujahid
69PHOTO ESSAYWar on COVID-19 - Frontline SoldiersSamar Usmani
70BRIEF REPORTThe COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative – UHS is a Global Partner Shah Jahan
71BRIEF REPORTICT Initiatives Taken by UHS Lahore during COVID-19 Pandemic Faisal Amin
72BRIEF REPORTPK 8303 – A Disaster During Pandemic From the Vantage Point of a Forensic Odontologist Humayoun Temoor Baig
73PROCEEDINGUHS ORIC Participation in Showcasing Technologies in Post COVID-19 Scenario Organized by Ministry of Science and Technology Islamabad on 30th April 2020 Sahibzada Ahmad Muneeb Bugvi