List of Articles for Biomedica : Volume 35 issue 3 Year 2019

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1ORIGINAL ARTICLEImpact of Socio-demographic Factors on Awareness of Smoking Effects on Oral Health Among Smokers and Non-smokers Dental Patients Visiting Private ClinicsAsad R, Nadeem M, Christopher M, Ahmed H, Awais F and Majeed HA.
2ORIGINAL ARTICLECaries Risk Assessment and Its Association with Socio-demographic Factors Among General Population of Lahore, PakistanQasim M, Muneer MU, Iqbal Z , Asad R, Iqbal F and Awais F.
3ORIGINAL ARTICLEGender Differences in Self-Care Practices Among Diabetics Presenting at Tertiary Care Hospital in LahoreAshfaq F, Manzoor I, Zafar T, Irfan H, Masood H and Ashfaq H.
4ORIGINAL ARTICLEAllelic Frequency of MAO A Gene Among Convicted Offenders and Diagnosed Cluster B Trait Psychiatric PatientsAshraf MF, Noreen S, Akhtar N, Faheem A, Ali R, Ali S and Rakha A.
5ORIGINAL ARTICLEClinical Profile and its Relationship with CD4+ Count in Treatment Naive HIV Infected SubjectsJavaid MI, Iqbal HM, Ghazanfar M, Haider S, Mazhar S, Natiq M, Ahmad R and Anwar A.
6ORIGINAL ARTICLEEffect of Acacia Catechuon Aspirin Induced Gastric Ulcers in Albino RatsWaseem U, Shahbaz M, Gul A, Baloch MB, Munir Q and Qureshi F.
7ORIGINAL ARTICLEMolecular Characterization of ABCA1 and CACNA1C Associated with Type 2 DiabetesAhmed A, Ahmed K, Babar N, Ali A, Babar ME, Ismail M, Hussain T, Kazmi AR and Mansoor Q.
8ORIGINAL ARTICLECorrelation Between Interalar Width and Size of Natural Maxillary Anterior TeethMahmood Z.
9ORIGINAL ARTICLESeroconversion of Hepatitis B and C in Paediatric Patients with Thalassemia Major and Its Awareness Among ParentsAbid M, Ali SM, Hassnain S, Altaf Z, Khalid MU and Tariq S.