List of Articles for Biomedica : Volume 28 issue 1 Year 2012

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1Attitude towards the Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine by Patients in Saudi Arabia Faisal D. Aldahash, Albara M. K. Marwa, M. Abdulkareem Alkhamees Hamad M. Alsulaiman, Abdulrahman Khalid Aledan, Saad M. Alkahtani M. O. Alrukban and Waqas Sami
2Frequency of Infantile Pyloric Stenosis and Ocular Abnormalities in Turners Syndrome in Bahawalpur City M. Siddique, Sadiq H. Malik, Tariq Mahmud Arain
3Serum Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies in Patients with Endogenous Depression Jahangir Sultan, Akif Qasim, M. Tayyib, Allah Ditta and M. Farooq
4Demographic and Clinicopathological Parameters in Lung Cancer in a Chest Hospital, Lahore Pakistan Ehsan Ullah, Nadeem Reyaz, Farooq Aziz, A. H. Nagi and M. Ashraf
5Panax Ginseng, its Effects on Development of Hair Follicles An Experimental Study Sarah Khalid, Uzma Akhtar and Mohammad Tahir
6Reports of Gastrointestinal Cancers at Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur Pakistan Raees Abbas Lail, Ehsan Ullah and M. Ijaz Alam
7Comparison of Fibroblastic Proliferation and Collagen Deposition in Response to Co2 Laser Surgery and Scalpel Arshad M. Malik, Rakhshinda Bajwa and Shamsher Ali
8Serum B12 and Folate Levels in Patients with Megaloblastic Change in the Bone Marrow Salma Haq, Nasir Iqbal, Fatima Fayyaz and Tahira Tasneem
9Perinatal Mortality Audit at Sharif Medical and dental College Lahore PakistanFauzia Butt and Nazish Razzaq
10Appropriate Gestational Age for Elective C-SectionLubna Riaz Dar, Shaherzad Sohail and Shazia Rasul
11Ultrasound Guided Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy of Metastatic Liver Disease: A Comparative Assessment of Histological and Cytological Techniques Samira Haque, Aliya Dilawar and Jawaid Subzwari
12Haemophilia B: Clinical Manifestations and ComplicationsShahida Mohsin, Huma Amin, Shabbir Hussain and Shahla Suhail
13First Dose Response of Treatment of Three Formulations of Interferon Alfa in Patients using Limited Sampling Strategy Rukhsana Sher, Nafeesa Fatima, Arshad K. Butt and Anwar A. Khan
14Clinicopathological Analysis of Odontogenic Cysts in a Selected Pakistani Population Iram Naz, Muhammad Khurram Mahmood, Farhan Akhtar and Syedda Munazza Gillani
15Frequency of Iron Deficiency Anaemia and Beta Thalassaemia Trait at Haematology Department of Children Hospital, Lahore Rabia Nadeem, Nisar Ahmed and Saira Bashir
16Comparison of Serum Calcium Estimation by Direct Colorimetric and Volume / Volume Colorimetric Methods Based on O-Cresolphtalein Principle Waqar Azim, Mohsin Shafi and Wajiha Farooq
17Medico Legal Examination of AlcoholicsWaqar Shaikh, M. Akbar Kazi, Sarwar Pirzada and Waheed A. Nahyoon
18Association of Urinary Calcium and Phosphate with Bone Mineral Density among Postmenopausal Women Rafat Murad, Murad Qadir, Rehana Khalil and Mukhtiar Baig
19Awareness of Dots Regarding Management of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, among Resident Doctors and Final Year Medical Students in Tertiary Level Health Care Facility Razia Chaudhry, M. Saeed Zaheer and Naheed Humayun Sheikh
20Assessment in Medical Education in Pakistan: Evaluating EvaluationJunaid Sarfraz Khan, John SG Biggs, Saima Tabasum and Maryam Iqbal
21Absenteeism in School going Children in Rehri Goth, Landhi Town, KarachiKhalil Mobin, Shazia Shakoor, Farida Habib and Tahir Qureshi
22The Relative Frequency and Histopathological Pattern of Ovarian Masses: A Unicentric Study of 212 Cases of Ovarian Mass Ameena Ashraf, Afsar Saeed Shaikh, Ayesha Ishfaq, Abdullah Akram, Furrakh Kamal and Nazeefa Ahmad
23REVIEW ARTICLE Reviewing the Usefulness of Laboratory Tests Results in Hepatitis C Muhammad Nafees
24CASE REPORT Primary Intraosseous Solid Carcinoma of the Mandible:A Case Report and Review of Literature Nadira Mamoon, Rabia Zafar, Iram Niaz, M. Khurram Mahmood Saad-ur-Rehman Sarwar and Tahir Ahmad